Alton Towers mothballs Blade swinging ride

The BladeAlton Towers has mothballed its swinging ship ride The Blade after 35 years of operation.

Opening in 1980 as a traditional pirate ship ride, it is not expected to re-open before being removed from the park.

It was re-themed to The Blade in 1996, but its popularity with guests has continued to diminish.

Although currently remaining listed on the Alton Towers website, it has been removed from the Early Ride Time line-up of attractions and also the 2015 park map.

It is widely expected that The Blade’s containing Forbidden Valley area will at least partly feature the park’s major new ride planned for 2017.

2 Comments on "Alton Towers mothballs Blade swinging ride"

  1. Matthew Ball | 13 March 2015 at 09:16 |

    Never thought much of the blade to be honest. Sure its a good fun pirate ship, but never really went on it apart from when I was younger.

  2. Such a shame that this ride has is not going to be operating! The amount of people who I’m going to hear saying oh lets go on that when they don’t realize its SBNO will be very high! Need a new flat ride in quick!

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