Blackpool Pleasure Beach Holdings trims losses

Blackpool Pleasure BeachBlackpool Pleasure Beach (Holdings) Ltd has recorded a loss of £400,000 in the financial year to 23 March 2014.

Company accounts record this as being a £1.4 million reduction on the previous year’s losses.

The Lancashire business is owned by the Thompson family, and includes a number of business including insurance and consultancy operations.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd – which covers the amusement park and its hotels as a separate entity – filed a loss of £1.5 million, down from £1.8 million the year previously.

The financial report said that the park’s hotel had experience a “challenging year”, with a 6% drop in the number of rooms booked during the previous year.

Directors described the tourism industry as “highly competitive” but said that they had “confidence and optimism” for the new financial year.

The report added that attendances remained at levels similar to the year ending in 2013, despite an improvement in the weather.


  1. Jamie says:

    It’s such a shame that they keep making a loss, they really deserve to make a profit as they are possibly putting more effort into keeping the park open than any other park in the UK.

    Free entry is not the answer, it worked back then but times have changed – Blackpool Pleasure Beach is not a small seaside park, it’s the biggest (in terms of rides, not acres of land) in the country and £6 for non-riders is perfectly reasonable, especially considering that at other big parks you would have to pay full price regardless of whether you are going on rides or not.

    If you buy a wristband for the park online, the value is fantastic, and it is still good value buying them at the gate – much cheaper than the Merlin owned parks, and a much better day out.

    Hopefully they manage to turn things around financially, with the new ride opening this year hopefully they will make a profit.

  2. Paul o says:

    Hi I agree with the above comments they are DEFINATELY not alton towers Blackpool is a holiday destination they must be losing money hand over fist when I used to stay in Blackpool I would visit every day and spend before they started charging now I wouldn’t even consider visiting i class it as a fun fair after all it’s at the seaside also they have made waiting times 3 times as long as they used to be and when was the last time they added a major white knuckle ride

  3. Deano says:

    Our family has merlin passes and it’s painful visiting Blackpool without going to the pleasure beach. We would go in if we didn’t have to pay admission charge but I refuse to pay just to watch fountains!!!

    • Jamie says:

      £6 is perfectly reasonable for non-riders – at any other major park you would have to pay full price regardless of whether you are going on rides or not. As for paying “just to watch fountains,” that’s not the case as the pass also gets you on the Pleasure Beach Express, in the maze and I think a few other small things as well.

      Yes it did used to be free, but the entry charge makes the park a secure and nice place to be in, rather than anyone being allowed in to freely roam and cause trouble (and they did!)

  4. Paul Gibson says:

    For myself and my partner to stay at the Big Blue Hotel in August it’s £700 for a week. At the Premier Inn a couple of miles away £280. Even the Travelodge nest door to the entrance only wants £300. How can they justify the prices? Even normal hotels only want, at most, £400. They also need to open it back up to pay as you go as well as wrist bands.

  5. Steve Crowther says:

    Since you started charging to get into the park the feed back I get is that grans & grandads don’t won’t to pay to get in with their grand kids so take them on the pier instead I’ve not been to the park since charging started grandparents will spend on food drinks & the arcades that’s a lot of money lost also look at the big picture from manchester return £20 petrol then £8 to park no discount to the park if u park there then a family of 4 £100 that’s before food & drink stop trying to b Alton towers your not you was the best but u r destroying the park

  6. Barry wootton says:

    Prices are just too high! Don’t charge an entrance fee just to get into the park and do stay and play tickets at affordable prices! I would love to stay in the big blue hotel but I think the price is massively over priced! If you do free entry or make it less than a pound you will have more chance of people coming and if not going on the rides then at least buying food or drink!

    • Berry F says:

      No one can say it’s expensive to visit the pleasure beach theme park! The prices compared to other big company owned parks are fantastic! I agree the Big Blue is a bit on the pricey side, but you do get a far better experience than at the travel lodge or premier inn. The breakfast is excellent. Aside from the already mentioned budget hotels, there are no real good hotels around, that said they do need to look carefully at the room charges, better to have 95% occupancy at a reduced rate than 65% at full price. Just my opinion.