Oakwood visitor numbers rose by 40% in 2013

Speed at OakwoodOakwood theme park in south Wales recorded a 40% increase in visitor numbers during its 2013 season.

The visitor attraction is also looking to expand its workforce by 35% this year.

Spokesman Dominic Jones was quoted as saying that the park plans on opening a number of new attractions this year.

Oakwood begins its 2014 season on 11 April, and specific announcements regarding new additions are expected in the coming weeks.

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  1. Oakwood is a fantastic little theme park and Megafobia is the best wooden coaster in the UK. Last year saw the first major investment since 2006 (When Speed was built) and further investment this year. Aspro are really turning the park around. I visited 2 times last year and really enjoyed both visits (Especiall riding in the dark followed by fireworks :) ). One thing I will say is that it is a shame that they dont advertise in England. I didnt know about the park untill 2 years ago when I saw a photo of my sister-in-law (Who lives in Wales) on Megafobia and I asked where it was. Many of my friends have never heard of it either. If they were to advertise in the same way as Alton Towers do then visitors numbers would increase even more.

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