Oblivion remains closed at Alton Towers

Oblivion / courtesy of M WellsThe Oblivion rollercoaster at Alton Towers remains closed a week after a technical issue stopped the ride from operating.

The Bolliger & Mabillard ride – installed at the Staffordshire theme park in 1998 – has not operated for a complete day since 10 June.

Located in the X Sector area of the park, adjacent to new rollercoaster The Smiler, its absence from the ride lineup is slightly increasing queues times on rides elsewhere.

Reasons for Oblivion’s closures are not currently understood.

10 Comments on "Oblivion remains closed at Alton Towers"

  1. is oblivion open yet ?

  2. I’m planning on going there soon and Oblivion still appears to be closed.. any updates? Thanks

    • Hi Cat. It’s still closed currently. I’m not certain when it will re-open as they haven’t advised yet.

  3. Interesting… I rode it the other morning (13/6/13) and nothing seemed any different, yet it was closed an hour later.

  4. Because the gearbox broke and they are awaiting a replacement.

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