Girl ejected from Twist ride at bonfire fairground

NewsA nine-year-old girl was ejected from a Twist flat ride at a bonfire fairground in Northamptonshire, it has emerged.

Yasmin Vickery was thrown from the ride which was part of a fair accompanying the Hollowell Steam Rally and Heavy Horse Show fireworks display.

She suffered heavy bruising and spent one night in Northampton General Hospital after she was thrown into the ride’s metal perimeter fencing.

The accident occurred on 3 November, and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has begun an investigation.

The girl’s mother, Kim Vickery, described witnessing the incident to the Northampton Chronicle & Echo newspaper.

“We had only been there for 10 minutes and it was the first ride she had gone on, with her cousin Kiya,” she said.

“We were laughing and joking at the time. But when it started going around, Yasmin and Kiya’s bar fell forward. Kiya tried to put the bar back but Yasmin fell out.

“She spun into the air because it was going so fast, then you could hear this almighty thud. She had gone flying through the barrier.”

“The impact was sideways, but the paramedics said if she had gone through head first she probably wouldn’t be here.”

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  1. Ferenc Dobos | 15 November 2012 at 21:12 |

    I had read this post, and very obvious for me the ride operator, and the ride owner responsibility about this accident. Firstly, the ride operatos shouldn’t let the “nine” years old girl riding on a ride with her cousin if he wasn’t much older than she. Secondly the ride owner should take a bigger responsibility about this, because the safety bar, had a several safety device, which shouldn’t allow the safety bar to swing open. That is clearly the proof of the careless maintenance, or the complete lack of the maintenance!!!

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