Nemesis Sub-Terra tweaked following negative feedback

Alton Towers has made minor changes to the way its new attraction Nemesis Sub-Terra is operated following negative feedback from guests.

The dark ride concept is centred around four enclosed small drop towers, with simulated lifts acting as pre and post experiences to the main underground setting.

Reaction to the ride has been overwhelmingly negative, with many guests reportedly expecting an enclosed rollercoaster to feature.

The ride cycle time has been increased slightly, with a longer wait before the freefall drop being notable.

A video now plays to guests while they wait to board the entry lift, showing a one minute explanation of the ride’s storyline – loosely based on the theme of the original Nemesis rollercoaster.


Strobe lighting within the main ride area and brief moments of total darkness also feature, while the exit lifts also now feature momentary blackouts.

The alien egg is now shown to have hatched prior to the activation of the drop towers.

Previously malfunctioning 4D-style effects on the drop towers are now reportedly working, which include leg and back touching devices.

Reaction to the ride on the social networking website Twitter has remained predominantly negative so far.

6 Comments on "Nemesis Sub-Terra tweaked following negative feedback"

  1. not been on yet but dont think i will bother , once again the internet has saved me time…

  2. liz hill | 12 April 2012 at 22:34 |

    Im really sorry to have to say it, myself and my fiance went today. we went on all of the large rides which were fantastic however we were in a queue for an hour and a half for the new ride nemesis sub terror and i just thought waste of time! A really big build up for nothing, still trying to work out what the thrill of the thing would be!! Over rated sorry alton towers everything else was really good:-)

  3. Total agree I visited 2 weeks ago, its such a great disappointment, of course the anticipation of the drop was the best thing about the ride but the fact it is over so quickly, had left with the feeling. “is that it?” shame as it could have the potential to a good concept seeming Alton lacks the drop that detonator offers at Thorpe. Defo a ride once and not bother to re queue. (BTW if queue time is more then 15 mins.. its not worth the wait)

  4. I went on it on 29 Mar & most of the features were working but the ride kept breaking down. It’s not a very good ride because once you’ve been on it you know what’s going to happen so what is the point in going on it again, the element of surprise has gone, and basically that’s all the ride has going for it. Really wanted to like it but found it lacking.

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